Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where To Get Annual Free Credit Report?

I think we閳ユ獧e allowed to get one once a year 閳?is that true?

If so where exactly can I get an annual credit report for free?


Where To Get Annual Free Credit Report?

The site below is one that can help you get your credit report 100% free.

It is honestly the best way I found.

It is also the fastest.

1) Go to the link below and click %26quot;%26quot;Get My Free Credit Scrore%26quot;%26quot;enter your info:

2) Fill out your info

3) Choose a password (and username)

4) Check your credit report, then log in and cancel.

Doing that, you%26#039;ve gotten your credit report for FRE!

Even though they ask, they do NOT charge your credit card at all. So after you see your report and get a copy, simply click %26quot;%26quot;cancel%26quot;%26quot; and you%26#039;ve gotten it for free.

It%26#039;s that easy, and highly reliable. I got my credit report this way and know others who have too:

Trust me it does work.

Where To Get Annual Free Credit Report?

Yes you can get your credit report for free once a year. To find out how: another way to get it for free is if you%26#039;ve had an adverse action notice: http://www.creditcardassociate... Report It

Where To Get Annual Free Credit Report?

Bunk, these are not free, there is always a catch. Beware so you do NOT get snared into this trap.

Where To Get Annual Free Credit Report?

You get it at and you can get it three times a year if you ask only one of the reporting agencies for a report every four months.

If you go directly to the site of the three agencies: Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion, they will charge for the report. Also, when you ask for your free report, they will suggest you buy your credit score from them. The free report does not include your credit score. You have to pay for that, but you don%26#039;t really need it.

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