Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How do strange things get on one's credit report?

My sister tried to apply for a loan and the bank told her to verify her address. However, she managed to get a free credit report and it listed strange addresses that she never lived there. so, how did those places get on her credit report if she never lived in those address listed?

How do strange things get on one%26#039;s credit report?

Not sure, however she should check all 3 of her reports.

Everyone is entitled to one free report from each of the 3 agencies per year.

She can get them free here...

There are instructions on each one on how to dispute errors.

How do strange things get on one%26#039;s credit report?

could be her hubbys people family members like when you use someone as a reference for credit..there are many reasons..alot of times they are work addresses..basically any address that was on the application when she requested credit

How do strange things get on one%26#039;s credit report?

If she has an ex and they had credit together that is one way (on my husbands report his ex wife%26#039;s address is listed, but he never lived at that address). Another way is possible identity theaft. She should go over her credit report to make sure there are no discrepancies. Another way is someone used her as a refrence and their address wound up on her report. Or a creditor had the wrong address on file. She should dispute the information. I know when you are online and trying to look at your credit report it sometimes asks you to %26quot;verify information on your report%26quot; so it might ask her to verify the dates she lived at the address and if it isn%26#039;t her address she would never know!

How do strange things get on one%26#039;s credit report?

Some one appiled for credit uner her name using a different address.

She needs to contact the credit agency that furnished the report to dispute the address so an investigation is done and the address is removed. She might want to add a fraud alert.

Some one in Seattle, WA ( I live in California) got a credit card in my name. I did not find out until the ompany was calling me 5 missed payments.

How do strange things get on one%26#039;s credit report?

I%26#039;ve had incorrect addresses reported on my credit report as well. However, they were not %26quot;strange%26quot; and I could track them to places and people I%26#039;m connected to such as my x-husband%26#039;s home--an address where I have never lived. I%26#039;m sure that it is unsettling to discover inaccurate information on your credit file. Regardless of how they got there, it is important to have them removed from all three reporting agencies, Transunion, Equifax, Experian. Consider requesting that ALL addresses but your current address be removed from their files. Afterall where you have lived is personal information and should be up to you who you disclose this information to.

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