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What can i do to make my credit report better?

recently i lost my job and had financial troubles. eventually it led to a cell phone, and one credit card company refering me to a collection agency. now i know it will be on my report for 7 years, but what can i do to improve my report.

What can i do to make my credit report better?

First pay off every thing you owe on and keep records of the final payments you may need them in the future if questions come up on what you did to correct your debts.

Once that%26#039;s taken care of stay at your current job longevity to a job helps when filling out credit applications.

Get small high interest loans I know it sucks but its the only thing you will be able to get. get the loans one at a time and make the payments ON TIME that will help a lot

After a loan or two payed off get a new credit card and keep a small balance on it just a few hundred dollars keep in mind this is improve your credit score so you will have to pay the interest see the credit company%26#039;s want to make money off you if you keep a zero balance they see that as bad cuz their not making any money off you.

My parents are Older now and have been successful through out their life so they have been able to pay off all their loans and haven%26#039;t been paying any interest on anything House cars boats and credit card are all payed off then when they went to get a loan for a new boat they found out that there credit wasn%26#039;t as good as they thought turns out your credit loses points if you are not paying anyone interest.

Go figure your damned if you miss payments and damned if you make good on all your debts.

What can i do to make my credit report better?

Try to pay your bills on time.

What can i do to make my credit report better?

Pay over the amount due on your credit cards. Pay off any creditors you owe. Try and settle for a reduced amount. Pay all your bills on time. It will take a while, but as long as you make payments your credit will increase. I messed up on my credit, but, paid off most of what I owe. I still have one that is in collection, but paid off the others opened up two new cards which I always pay off every month and pay all my other bills on time and now after 2 years, I increased my score by 100

What can i do to make my credit report better?

I used %26quot;Restore My CreditReport%26quot; to get my credit score higher befor I applyed for my car. It really works well.

What can i do to make my credit report better?

There is a lot of hype about credit reports. The truth is that for wise people the whole concept is irrelevant. Here is why.

A credit report is needed for people wanting to borrow money.

Wise people don%26#039;t borrow money. Of course everyone is shouting that you do but they only want to profit from you.

Think about this clearly. If you had someone who would teach you the elementary principles of finance would you be willing to learn. Knowledge is 10%. Being motivated and diligent is 90%. Would you be interested in surrounding yourself with people who would motivate and encourage you? I am completely debt free. No mortage, no car payment, no consumer debt of any kind. I am not some

extraordinary person. Rather I happened to one day hear of

Dave Ramsey and learn His Baby Steps. His website is He has a national call-in radio show each weekday for 4 hours. His baby steps are simply:

1. Save $500 to $1000 for an emergency fund. Put it in a money market account. Go to to find where you can earn nearly 5%

2. Pay off systematically all credit cards. Starting with the lowest balance, pay it off completely and make minimum payments for all the other cards. Once the first card is paid off, turn your efforts to the next lowest balance using the money that you are saving from no longer having to pay the first card off. Continue the process. This is known as the debt snowball.

3. Increase you Emergency fund to be able to support you for 3 to 6 months. (This assumes that you have a budget which Dave can help you do).

Future steps include saving 15% for retirement (401K,Roth Iras, Ira etc)

Saving for childrens college fund

Paying off home mortage faster and save thousands of dollars in interest.

Also learn how to invest (let your money earn 12 % or more)

about compound interest, Purchasing life insurance (term)

What diversification is and how to do it, Investing in mutual funds.

What you have learned thus far is that your plan hasn%26#039;t worked. You have an opportunity to completely change your circumstances by adopting a wiser course of action.

You can get Dave%26#039;s book from the library %26quot;The total

money makeover%26quot;. Another great resource is The whole concept of knowing your credit score is bogus. I will never need to know mine because I will never need to borrow money again...Lord willing.

I am now in my fifties. I learned these concepts only in the past 5 years. But I have my 22 year old daughter practicing these principles and she is already way ahead of me.

Her Roth Ira earned 39% last year. One of my portfolios

made over 73% last year. I am happy with just a 12 % return

because my money will double every 6 years. (Rule of 72)

I genuinely wish you well. Ps you need to know the truth about collection agencies. They frequently break the fair credit reporting act because they aren%26#039;t trained and the debtor is so afraid. They get away with ripping most people off and inflicting so much further misery. True knowledge

is a blessing in times like these!

What can i do to make my credit report better?

%26quot;Cleaning Credit Report: Improving Your Bad Credit Report: If you have a bad credit record, check the reason for this report. If the reason is due to late or non-payment on your behalf then, start making the payments to the lender and clear off the debts quickly.

Dont make late payments. If you are not in a position to pay due to shortage of money then limit your spending.

Paying off your huge debt in small amounts.

The credit bureaus can also make mistakes. They store the ratings of many people and are they too can make mistakes.%26quot;

What can i do to make my credit report better?

If you are currently employed then I suggest you to save at least half your salary for a while until you have enough in your bank account to pay at least every minimum payment for 12 months.

I also suggest you to keep at least half your salary in credit lines so you can survive a year with half your salary if you are fired again.


You make $50,000.00 USD a year.

You need at least $25,000.00 USD in Credit Lines.

If you have just 2 credit cards with $10,000.00 USD then you need to apply for one more for at least $5,000.00 USD.

What can i do to make my credit report better?


What can i do to make my credit report better?

There are some credit repair info that is good to know and also agencies that can help you. Here is a link:

What can i do to make my credit report better?

thats a common problem for bad credit (job loss, divorce are the top reasons).

this site will give you step by step info, plus sample form letter to send to help fix it.



What can i do to make my credit report better?

I fixed my credit through a program called credit repair(this is not credit counseling or bankruptcy) the law states the there are 97 guidelines creditors have to follow and if just one of those law are not they have to remove it from your credit. Not many people know about this program because you have to be referred...if you would like to know more about this feel free to e-mail me at

What can i do to make my credit report better?

You need to work on paying the bills in collections off first and also maintaining minimum monthly payments for all over credit type debt.

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