Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How do you negotiate delinquencies off your credit report?

Someone on here once wrote this. But has anyone ever done it:

%26quot;When you pay off your medical collections, before you send any checks to them you should try to negotiate the removal of these items from your report by the collection agencies. Get it in writing. Otherwise everything stays on for 7 years. That%26#039;s a long time to pay for youthful troubles. %26quot;

Say I pay off all my debts, can I ask each of them to remove the debt from my credit report? And how would having it in writing help?

How do you negotiate delinquencies off your credit report?

The debt will be removed if they want to remove it. Some collectors will advise you to pay in full than they will remove it and others will remove it with a settlement...than there are some that like being a$$holes and dont remove it either way. Be sure to get that in writing before you pay.

If they dont want to delete it...they really dont have to. They have the right to keep it on for 7 years. But they do have to update it according to how you paid them. %26quot;Paid in full collection account%26quot; or %26quot;settled in full collection account%26quot;.

And no it will not appear as just paid in full or settled in full. It will show that it was a collection account.

However, like I said...depends on who the collector is that your dealing with...they might just hook you up with a deletion...otherwise, if there going to be a$$holes about really cant do anything.

TIP: Attempt to negotiate with bill collectors about 5 days before the end of the month. Thats when they are all frantic trying to make their quotes.

Good Luck

How do you negotiate delinquencies off your credit report?

the debt will not be taken off your credit report. they%26#039;ll list it as %26#039;paid%26#039;, but nothing more. once it%26#039;s on there, you can not take it off unless you can prove that is was mistakenly put on your report (for example, someone else%26#039;s debt put on your account by mistake).

How do you negotiate delinquencies off your credit report?

If it%26#039;s an old delinquency, the best thing to do is just to dispute it over and over again directly from the credit bureaus...they are bound to miss their deadline sooner or later.

If it is something you are negotiating payoff on, negotiate removal of credit line or at least all deliquency from your complete report AND GET IT IN WRITING before you pay it off.

Have I don%26#039;t either of these??? Yes, I%26#039;ve done both with great results.

How do you negotiate delinquencies off your credit report?

Let me assure can be removed. I have helped many people do it!

The FACT is that the only person who can removed a negative item form your credit report is the person who put it there! There are no laws that demand that once an item is listed, it must remain. There is nothing in the credit bureau%26#039;s rules that prevent it. I%26#039;ve read it...not there!

So answers like Nonyab are just another example of ignorance!

What you do is negotiate with the creditor. At this point, he wants your money, so you have some leverage in the negoation.

DEMAND that once this debt is paid, they must delete the report. Get this in writing before you pay them a dime!

If they won%26#039;t agree...don%26#039;t pay it. What%26#039;s the point? DO NOT believe this nonsense that a paid debt looks better on your credit report then an unpaid debt. All they are required to do is show %26quot;paid%26quot; but all other information about late payments, collectios and charge-offs will still be there. Paying this debt does NOTHING to help your credit score.


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